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Dr. Cinn

One of our new signature drinks combines two flavors that create a refreshing and unexpected taste. Cinn City Cinnamon Whiskey mixed with Dr. Pepper delivers just that!


  • Two ounces Cinn City Cinnamon Whiskey*
  • Two ounces Dr Pepper (we prefer the original Dr Pepper, nota flavored version)
  • A block of ice (or handful of ice will also work)
  • Three Amarena Toschi black cherries on a bamboo stick
  • *You can also use equal parts Cinn City with Dr Pepper, depending on your glass size and preferred taste.


Add equal parts Cinn City Cinnamon Whiskey with Dr Pepper and pour over a large ice cube. You can also use a handful of ice if you don't have access to large ice blocks. Give it a stir and garnish with three Amarena Toschi black cherries on a bamboo stick. We love Dr Cinn, you will be making these for your friends many times over.

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